The majority of my career has been spent owning and operating Treehouse Gift & Home. Years ago, recognizing that we were about to enter into a new retail world, we launched our first of 2 websites. Prior to opening Treehouse I was in Nuclear Medicine in Forest Lake, MN. During my years in Nuc Med I started a lead generation marketing company & a vending company, later selling to use as seed money for Treehouse. It would have been easy to stay in Nuc Med my entire life, but it has been a crave for entrepreneurism that has fueled change throughout my life.


Hard work & common sense is the backbone of all of my success. My businesses are backed by hard work, attention to detail & listening. As I look back over 20+ years virtually every success came by focusing on the relationship before the opportunity.


I was raised in an amazing family in SE MN, with a short 2 years in OK. My Mom, Dad and siblings will always be the biggest influences in my life. My Dad taught me “God first, then family and then what makes you happy. If you serve the first two, the rest will fall into place.” Growing up the youngest of 9 on pig and dairy farms, I was blessed to exposed to a multitude of career paths & life tracks to learn from and help me carve my own path. Growing up on a farm you learn to appreciate everything and to work hard for what you want. But in the last 23 years, the one who has supported me in every risk, victory or defeat is my wife & best friend Sandy.


Outside of work I love to stay active golfing, fishing & hunting. On weekends during fall & winter you will find us at a Gopher football or Gopher hockey game. During the months of February & March you will find us at variety of warm weather locations.