2012 Miss Onalaska Madeline Anderson

Madeline Anderson, Miss Onalaska 2012 was the Club's guest speaker this week.  She shared the history of the Miss America Organization's humble beginnings in 1921 as a swimwear event to today's mission of providing a voice to young women in their communities and their work to provide $45 million in scholarships each year.  Miss Onalaska's platform is Eat Smart, Eat Whole.  With a 69% decline in U.S. Health, Madeline is alarmed by how many Americans do not take responsiblity for their own health.  Statistics show that 1 out of every 4 people are now obese.  Americans have doubled their intake of processed foods in the last 20 years and this issue needs attention.  Americans consume for convenience and we all need to focus on organic, local and seasonal whole foods to create a healthier lifestyle.  Whole food choices include unpolished grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts.  Miss Onalaska has had the pleasure of working closely with Onalaska Elementary Schools and the State's Farm to School program.  She has also been fortuate to work along Chef Thomas from Gunderson Lutheran in cooking classes at the Schools.  She hopes to get move involved with the local Farmer's Markets this summer and hopes to promote eating seasonally to not only rotate your foods but  to support our local growers.  Madeline has a true love for the community and the people around her and could not stand on her own without the support of the Miss Onalaska Pageant.  If you would like more information about the program or would like to become a sponsor check-out