Grade School Architect...


I was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, youngest of four. At age 3, my family moved to Shawano, Wisconsin. I must have been in 2nd or 3rd grade when I first learned of Rotary. My older Sister was given the opportunity to study as a Foriegn Exchange Student through the Rotary. And it was a gracious rotarian and his wife that provided the means for my sister to go. While she studied abroad, the same family invested in my family at home. At that time Mr. Kipper gave me a sweatshirt from Zurich University Switzerland. I looked it up in my Britannica Encyclopedia when I got home and learned where it was and that I could study Architecture there! (Yes even then I knew...). It was the beginning of a decision for me that propelled me into my career. Now I never did make it to switerland to study but to place a dream in a young girl was priceless!!

Graduating highschool, years later, I attended the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. Two years in I transfered to the University of Wisconsin - Milauwkee where I completed my undergraduate degree in architecture. Now married and ready to spread my wings I left Wisconsin and moved to Georgia to attend Georgia Institute of Technology for my Masters. It was in Georgia that our fist son was born and we knew it was time to get closer to family. I found a job in Mankato, Minnesota and so we returned to the Midwest. Six years later and two additional sons, that same company provided me an opportunity to move back to Wisconsin.

Which brings us to present day, I am daughter, a sister, an aunt, a wife, a mother, an architect, a rotarian.